Numerical Modelling of Stress and Deflection Behaviour for Welded Steel Beam-Column


In this study, stress and deflection behaviours of T-type welding joint applied to HE200M steel beam and column were investigated in finite element method (FEM) under different distributed loads. In the 3D-FEM modelling, glue option was used to contact between steel materials and weld nuggets. Geometrical model was designed as 3-dimensional solid in ANSYS software program. After that, homogeneous, linear and isotropic properties were used to design to materials of model. Solid-92 having 3-dimensional, 4 faced and 10-noded was selected as element type. In consequence of mesh operation, elements of 13285 and nodes of 28086 were occurred. Load distribution was applied to top surface of steel beam to determine behaviours of stress and deflection. As a result of FEM analysis applied with the loads of 55,000 N, 110,000 N and 220,000 N, maximum values were obtained as 116 N/, 232 N/ and 465 N/ for stress and obtainedas 1,083 mm, 2,166 mm and 4.332 mm for deflection, respectively. When modelling results and classical calculation values were compared, it was obtained difference of 10 % for stress values and 2.5% for deflection values.
Keywords: steel beam and column; modelling; finite element method; stress; deflection
Cite this article: U.Soy, “Numerical Modelling of Stress and Deflection Behaviour for Welded Steel Beam-Column”, Steel and Composite Structures 12-3, 249-260 pp., 2012, DOI:
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Makale Başlığı Numerical Modelling of Stress and Deflection Behaviour for Welded Steel Beam-Column
Yazarlar Soy, U.
Yazar Statüsü Tek Yazar
Dergi Adı Steel and Composite Structures
Cilt(Sayı)/Sayfa 12(3), pp. 249-260
Yıl 2012
DOI Numarası 10.12989/SCS.2012.12.3.249
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ISSN / eISSN 1229-9367 / 1598-6233
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