Comparison of Steels via SMAW and MIG Welding Methods Under Industrial Loads


In this study, the deflection and deformation behaviours of IPN80 steel beam and column were investigated under the different industrial loads. Single-sided welds were applied to IPN80 steel beams using shielded metal arc (SMAW) and metal inert gas welding (MIG) method in the form of T-type. After that, the performance of SMAW and MIG welded joints were identified using beam bending test under 500 and 3000 N loads. SMAW and MIG methods were compared with each other to understand the deflection and deformation behaviours of the welded steel structures. Lower deformation and deflection were obtained in MIG welded steel beams. The results show that, steel beams welded MIG method has higher load capacity than SMAW welded ones. MIG welding method is more reliable than the SMAW method for the combining performance and load capacity.
Keywords: metal inert gas welding; shielded metal arc welding; steel beam and column; bending test; deflection
Cite this article: U.Soy, “Comparison of Steels via SMAW and MIG Welding Methods Under Industrial Loads”, Steel and Composite Structures 11-3, 225-232 pp., 2011, DOI:
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Makale Başlığı Comparison of Steels via SMAW and MIG Welding Methods Under Industrial Loads
Yazarlar Soy, U.
Yazar Statüsü Tek Yazar
Dergi Adı Steel and Composite Structures
Cilt(Sayı)/Sayfa 11(3), pp. 225-232
Yıl 2011
DOI Numarası 10.12989/SCS.2011.11.3.225
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Yayınevi TECHNO-PRESS KoreaScience
ISSN / eISSN 1229-9367 / 1598-6233
Atıf Sayısı 2



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